CEO-MaxGeneral manager office「Worked for Tencent」

CTO-TreemanGeneral manager office「Worked for NetEase」

COO-KimGeneral manager office「Worked for UMI」

General Management Team All the successes of entrepreneurship come from unremitting persistence. Members of the management team are both graduated from South China University of Technology, one of the top schools in South China. After graduation, they have joined the top domestic game companies. After a period of sedimentation and growth, they combined advanced management concepts learned in first-class companies with their own understanding of the game to set up Guangzhou JODO Technology Co.,Ltd. JODO, with the heart of excellence, to achieve the touching things. And that is what we have been striving for.

JiaweiData development department「Worked for ALI」

WillPlatform research and Development Department「Worked for Tencent」

JamPlatform Research Department「Worked for SEASUN」

ShangyouArchitecture Department「Worked for Tencent」

Technical Team In order to maintain its competitive edge in technology, the core members of the technical team are all from the first-class Internet companies. From the construction of the architecture department to the configuration of the data development department, the team has been closely following foreign advanced technology, solid technical foundation, and advanced management concept. We believe that such a good technical team will surely bring better development to JODO.

CocoMarket operations department「Worked for NetEase」

LeonMarket operations department「Worked for NetEase」

BlackeyMarket operations department「Excellent staff」

EddyMarketing Department「Worked for NetEase」

Marketing Operation Our company is built on overseas games. As the first main force of JODO, the marketing operation team has brought the company to the right track step by step with an accomplishment of over ten millions players and a breakthrough of 200 million revenues. From user operations, product operations and market launches, everyone has doubled their efforts to exploit the overseas market. At present, JODO transits from issuing to both self-designed and self-issued business. Having such an outstanding team, our self-developed games will achieve better results.

Yufan2 Games Research「Worked for 9games」

Sam2 Games Research「Worked for Ali」

Chinaming2 Games Research「Worked for 4399」

Nicolas2 Games Research「Worked for Depth」

Ben1 Games Research「Worked for Depth」

Donggua1 Games Research「Worked for Ali」

Jim1 Games Research「Worked for 4399」

Adryan1 Games Research「Worked for NetEase」

Game research and development In 2016, JODO began to deploy the business of game research and development, setting foot on the path of self-designed and self-issued. The research and development team is getting stronger. As core members, producers, main programmer, main artists have serve the well-known game enterprises like NetEase Game and Ali. We believe that only regulate the game promotion, operation, customer service, the research and the development etc. from the top to the bottom, can we provide the players with the best service which is what we have been striving for.