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Founded in 2013, JODO is a game company dedicated to providing global players with excellent mobile games, locating in Xingang East Road, Haizhu District. Now Jodo has 170+ amazing and talented people and still growing. With the successful publishing and self-developed games, Jodo operates well on its own revenue and neither financing nor merging. With its passion for the game, JODO has been making great effort to bring better games to players worldwide.

Starting from sub-publishing games in the global market, JODO has accumulated the experience of serving more than 30 million players from 70 countries and regions. In 2016, the number of players was over 10 million and the revenues were over 200 million. Those games had been published by JODO all have an excellent performance.

In 2016, JODO began to build its own dev team and setting foot on the path of self-developing games. The dev team is growing fast and become the key asset to Jodo. As core members, producers, lead programmer, lead artists all served the well-known game giants like Tencent, NetEase Games, and Ali, etc. To make a hit game, it is far from enough to solely rely on the dev team. Hence, JODO is not only constantly updating the dev team but also learn from the global game studios. Moreover, we are simultaneously building our own data team and using the AI to design and operate the game better. We believe that only with the great combination of game live ops, player support, localization, the data scientist, and the dev team etc. from the top to the bottom, can we provide the players with better game experience.

JODO Always be thankful with you No company is successful only by a person, thanks to our team, and let us support and learn to grow and change together on the way to the dream.Learn more teams

  • CEO-Max

  • CTO-Treeman

  • COO-Kim

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Office environment

JODO Development


In September 2013, JODO was founded.


In September 2015, great games became to thrive.


In August 2016, there was no financing plan, grew up fast based on its profit and operations under good condition.
On December 1st, 2016, Jodo decided to build its own dev team and started to develop its own games. Since then, the team was growing rapidly.


In August 2017, JODO won the best overseas game award at Ali Game-Eco night.


In January 2018, Super Hospital, the first self-developed and self-published game was made.
JODO is always moving forward, stay tuned…