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Newcomers Training campFor the first step of newcomers, we will provide you with a mentor to teach and help you to solve any kinds of problem that you might be facing during the job. What’s more, there are professional knowledge training available for you, which enables you to get full new skill in your work.
Professional ability trainingWhen the newcomers formally integrate into the work, we will regularly organize small training based on the development direction of your positions. Complete promotion course and series of special topic training not only enhance your professional skills but also built up your core competitiveness. Meanwhile ,we will invite experts not only from our company but also form this industry, to communicate and share the top and advanced technology, broadening the horizon of your thinking.
Management skill trainingAt this moment, JODO is in a stage of rapid development. We attach great importance to the training of management teams, including the levels of base and middle management cadres. For the needs of management team, we will regularly organize the learning and communication of related management courses, committed to cultivating talents with outstanding management talents.
Job rotationIn order to enable employees to learn more professional skill, rapidly grow into compound talent, find the beloved job with their interest and do what they are good at, we comprehensively consider the personal career development expectations of employees. According to the relative institution, we will mobilize employees under reasonable condition to ensure them to do their best.